The company was born in the middle of the Brazilian furniture center, in Bento Gonçalves, and more than 45 years ago Dalmóbile has been a reference in planned furniture. With over 220 outlets and performance in the foreign market, it has its own manufacturing for the entire line, including workmanship. Uniting industrial high technology with a remarkable versatility, Dalmóbile develops products aligned with trends, using differentiated features such as MDF, lacquer, glass, aluminum and fabrics, for a totally customized design for any environment, either it is residential or commercial. Dalmóbile matches with whatever you want.


Dalmóbile is a national reference in the furniture industry having one of the most technological manufacturing parks in Latin America. Its ‘just in time’ processes are structured in an automated way to ensure strict quality control, as well as a high productive performance, being able to process about 54,000m² of MDF per month. Strength and durability are also natural characteristics of the Dalmóbile way of producing. All products are manufactured 100% in MDF, receiving edges that are fixed with PUR glue and backgrounds with anti-mold protection which provide long life to the furniture, including in humid environments. Thus, Dalmóbile brings together high quality, greater flexibility and a assured durability, to supply the market with intelligent environments with a 6-year warranty.


For Dalmóbile, environments can and should be designed with the maximum space optimization. Therefore, it works with millimeter editing of measurements throughout its line of products, a unique customization in which every millimeter is properly used. In addition to this, the versatility of the lines provides amazing resources for designing creative environments, that make a perfect match with the desire of every costumer. There are more than 1,400 lacquer colors, 750 glass colors, 05 colors of Cristallos, 14 fabrics and almost 30 options of BP’s, one of the widest lines on the market, and the hardware used are carefully selected from the world’s most recognized suppliers.


With two generations of the Dalcin family ahead of the company, which is a family descending from Italian immigrants, Dalmóbile is one of the largest planned furniture store chains in Brazil. In its two factories in the cities of Bento Gonçalves, in Serra Gaúcha, Dalmóbile has a serious and committed team, with experience in all processes, and it constantly invests in the best technologies for furniture manufacturing. When purchasing a Dalmóbile product you are sure to be receiving furniture with the quality of a large brand, with over than 220 outlets inside the country, a brand that respects the consumer ant the environment and that works daily to exceed the expectations of partners and consumers.

Quality Policy

To be a company committed to the market through the improvement of the products, processes and technologies to ensure the growth and the sustainable development of furniture manufacturing.


To turn Dreams into customized and cozy environments, thus promoting the full satisfaction to the consumer and profitability to the company.


To be remembered as the most flexible planned furniture company on the market.


Furniture Design and Manufacturing.


  • - Satisfy Customers.
  • - Seek for quality in each and every action.
  • - Innovate and evolve with Technologies for processes and products.
  • - Quickly turn trends into values.
  • - Maintain competent and committed staff.
  • - Act with ethics and social responsibility.
  • - Respect customers, providers and employees.
  • - Work with dedication to determine the profit and longevity of the company


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